sunnuntai 20. maaliskuuta 2011

Homefront - Monki's Thoughts

Homefront is a FPS that sets in the near-future in 2027. It's about a war between (North) Korea and the USA. The main protagonists(players) name is Robert Jacobs, who is a former Marine helicopter pilot.
One of the major portions of the story arc is built around not only the growth of the North Korean forces over the years leading to the year 2027, but also the economic down fall of United States of America, and the unrest that seems to grip the nation before the invasion. 

The game focuses on the collapse of the United States, subsequent occupation by the Greater Korean Republic - a United Korea under the rule of North Korea - and the American Resistance that fights said occupation. The player is invited to join the American resistance, "using guerrilla tactics, commandeering military vehicles, and utilizing advanced drone technology".


2011: North Korea faces another UN sanction over its latest nuclear test.

2012: Kim Jong-ll dies and is succeeded by his son Kim Jong-un.

2013: Kim Jong-un is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and featured on the cover of Time Magazine for his accomplishment of Korean reunification.

2014: American military withdraws from the Korean Peninsula. General Motors declares bankruptcy for the second time.

2015: The effects of peak oil are felt as gas prices reach up to 20 dollars a gallon due to a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Russia cuts off all oil trade with Europe. Survivalist literature become bestsellers in America. China's influences diminish.

2016: America withdraws its military from Japan and other countries overseas, focusing on its instability back home.

2017: Martial law is declared in the United States as its infrastructure crumbles due to financial deficiencies.

2018: After the destruction of one of its nuclear facilities by Korean special forces, Japan surrenders to the Greater Korean Republic and is capitalized into a vassal state.

2019: The UN goes out of commission.

2020: Canada closes its borders to Americans. The US military takes over the functions of many emergency services, as well as the distribution of basic goods. This causes many Americans to abandon the suburbs in exchange of the military-managed urban centers.

2021: Korean forces succeed in annexing many countries in Southeast Asia. A new pandemic known as the Knoxville Cough, a type of bird flu, begins to spread in the United States.

2022: To prevent the contagion of the Knoxville Cough, Mexico closes its borders to Americans. Hyperinflation pushes the US dollar to the edge of collapse.

2023: The Knoxville Cough ravages the American public. The Korean People's Army reaches 20 million total personnel.

2024: Using the captured M-V rockets at the Uchinoura Space Center, Kim Jong-un announces a new space satellite program, under the pretense of replacing the decaying GPS system, which America could no longer afford to maintain.

2025: A thermonuclear device is detonated by one of the Korean satellites 300 miles above Kansas, blanketing America with an EMP that wipes out its power grid and most of the electronics above ground. The US infrastructure is virtually in ruins. This is followed by the Korean seizure of Hawaii and landings in San Francisco. Korean paratroopers are dropped into central United States. The economic downfall in Europe prevents its nations from intervening.

2026: The United States is split into two as the KPA irradiate the entire Mississippi River, as a fortification for their control of the western side.

2027: The United States Armed Forces are completely scattered.

Monki's Thoughts:

Gameplay Score = (2/10)
Story was boring and the game was really short ( 4 - 5 chapters?), Normal difficulty felt like hard because of aimbotting/wallhacking enemies. Didn't explain all the buttons to different things during story so I had to check the control options.

Controls Score = (3/10)
Controls were really bad, Sprinting felt as fast as walking, Sometimes get stuck crouching.

Overall Score = (5/10)
The game was just bad, graphics looked good, but only rarely. Otherwise the graphics felt like a big pile of shit.

This game is not worth buying, seriously, I mean it. For a new game, the graphics are bad and the game is way too short.

-Monki signing out.

tiistai 15. maaliskuuta 2011

Transformers MMO?

Jagex *gasp* and Hasbro are teaming up together to create a new MMO based on Transformers.
They are aiming to launch it on 2012 in all major Western markets.

Not much is known about the MMO, though Jagex primarily develops browser-based games. And given the relatively close release window it is probably safe to assume that this too will be browser-based game. The press release also states "Iconic Autobots and Decepticons set to battle online in 2012," so players will probably embody the bots, rather than a plucky human sidekick.

What do you think about it, since Jagex is known that it doesn't listen to its community.
Why would Jagex even think about developing such a game? Leave a thought in the comments!

maanantai 14. maaliskuuta 2011


[ Spoiler alert. Do not read if you dont want to know about the game or weaponry. The spoilers contain : Weaponry, environment and little from the storyline. ]

Ah, game that contains guns, orks, blood, epic moments and a sweet, sweet story.


I bought this game last week and have almost completed it already. The game is pretty good, but there are few things i would like to mention about it. For first, Even Bulletstorm seems like other shooting games it has many differences. The way you kill your enemy defines how many skillpoints you get. Like, if you kick an enemy towards a spiky wall, you'll get something like 100 skillpoints? There are 133 different ways to kill your enemy and 8 guns to kill with. Skillpoints are used to buy normal ammunition, special ammunition a.k.a "Charges" and upgrades to your weaponry. Also if you want, you can use environment to kill them. You'll find spiky walls, cactuses with long spikes, oil barrels, water with pirayas, maneater plants and alot more. You can kick the enemy to a endless hole on the ground, to water, to maneater, off from the cliff, there are many possibilities! And secondly, in my opinion, this game is freaking funny. Yes, i know, how can game where bloody body parts are flying all over the place, be funny? The story. Even it's pretty dark and full of lies, it has got it's funny parts. I have laughed many, many times while playing this game.


One of the most important things to mention is the leash. There is not much to tell about it and i don't want to spoil everything from it so, i'll tell the best parts.. That actually contains almost everything from it. You can use it to pull enemies ( Or in some cases maybe only their heads ) towards you. You can use the leash to pull some stuff from environment towards you, like oil barrels. You can also leash guns that you cant reach, enemies and hot dog carts. You can also upgrade it. The upgrade contains really useful weapon, when you are facing a huge horde of enemies. Thumper. When you use this upgrade, it will send enemies in the air and leaving them floating up there for a while. When they are floating, you can focus on other enemies, or to create a trap under them etc. etc.

I really dont want to spoil all the fun what you can have from the leash so i'll stop spoiling from it.. Now.


The game tells a story of dumb commander, who wants his revenge, and his actions, that lead his ship to massive defeat. The story tells a exciting, gorgeus, really funny almost even a fabulous story of two buddies, who are facing a unknown planet and only thing they can trust, is power.
They will have to face many psychos, liers, betraitors, bullets, dead bodies and chaos.

Prepare for story that's bloody, exciting, fabulous, funny and full of action.


I can't say much about this. It's actually pretty fun, and same time pretty boring. The game has only one multiplayer mode, that's called anarchy. You will face different waves of enemies, with three other players, and you can buy weaponry while the wave is changing, or you can upgrade your weapons / leash. You can also enchance your own attributes like speed, damage and durability. You'll have to get some amount of points to complete a wave. You'll level up and only thing you will get is new wear. And skins.

So if you want a great singleplayer game, with funny multiplayer with friends, buy this one. Really, buy it.

If you want a great multiplayer, but not singleplayer, DON'T buy this one.

P.S. I love it.

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What do you think of Black Ops DLC?

Hello everyone~!

Do you have Black Ops DLC? Have you bought Black Ops DLC? When will you buy First Strike?

[ This is what i think about it, so if you don't want to read text where i whine about the price, please don't. :) ]

These are the questions i hear almost every day. I keep answering that i dont have the DLC, and i dont know when i'm going to buy it. Still, they keep inviting me to games that contains maps from DLC, like zombie mod, Ascension. I would surely buy it, if they would lower the price, to 10 €. (13.82 $) I know this is much asked but, yeah. I would love to play Berlin Wall, Ascension etc. but eh, the price? 15 €. Oh c'moon! :(

This is just my opinion, and i think i will buy it someday, even they wouldn't lower the price at all. I know making maps ain't free but.. They've already lowered the price with 0.50€

Black Ops DLC, First Strike

Contains four multiplayer maps and one Zombie mod map;

-Berlin Wall






What do you think of it?
Do you like it?
Should i buy it?

Please post your opinion! :)

New Blogger

Hello, everyone. It's Humputtaja here. I'm a friend of Monki and new blogger of this site. I'm here to expand our blog, with my own category of games. My category of games contains RPG, FPS & platformers like LittleBigPlanet. Now, little gaming history of mine. I played my first game when i was about three years old and since then i have been playing games from Bob the Builder to Dead Space. Nowadays i usually play Oblivion, Battlefield 2, Little Big Planet 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops.

So, you can expect game reviews from LittleBigPlanet 2, Bulletstorm and many other games. Maybe even from Minecraft. What comes to my gaming platforms, i've got PS3 & PC. So if you want to add me as your friend, just send a request to some of my accounts, will accept every single one. :)

PSN : Humputtaja
Steam : Humputtaja
Xfire : Humputtaja

^ Surprise!

With kind regards,

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Rift - The new World of Warcraft?

Rift (A.K.A Rift: Planes of Telara) was released over a week ago. I haven't played it yet, but it looks pretty good. Rifts story is that the world of Telara, that is the focal point of different worlds. These worlds have invaded the world of Telara, causing rifts to open, these rifts spawn monsters and it is up to the players to close them.

Character Customization
You can choose between 4 different callings (classes), Warrior, Cleric, Rogue or Mage. Each one of them eventually gains access to 8 different "souls" from that class, which have trees that players can allocate points gained each level to. Soul trees have 2 levels, branches,which are the specific abilities/bonuses that the player allocates the points to, and roots, which are the soul's base abilities that are unlocked as the player allocates an amount of points into the branches.

Players may also keep up to four different soul configurations (roles), which may be activated whenever the player is not in combat, meaning a player can switch from a damage dealer to healer, or   the other way around. Because the players abilities come from the points allocated in the soul trees, two roles that share no souls will literally have no abilities/bonuses in common with each other.

Tell me what you think, should I buy it or not?

Playing Black Ops on PS3

I've been playing Black Ops on PS3 lately, even tho I don't like playing it. If you want to come play online or zombie mode with me, hit me up. PSN: SnipingLlama