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[ Spoiler alert. Do not read if you dont want to know about the game or weaponry. The spoilers contain : Weaponry, environment and little from the storyline. ]

Ah, game that contains guns, orks, blood, epic moments and a sweet, sweet story.


I bought this game last week and have almost completed it already. The game is pretty good, but there are few things i would like to mention about it. For first, Even Bulletstorm seems like other shooting games it has many differences. The way you kill your enemy defines how many skillpoints you get. Like, if you kick an enemy towards a spiky wall, you'll get something like 100 skillpoints? There are 133 different ways to kill your enemy and 8 guns to kill with. Skillpoints are used to buy normal ammunition, special ammunition a.k.a "Charges" and upgrades to your weaponry. Also if you want, you can use environment to kill them. You'll find spiky walls, cactuses with long spikes, oil barrels, water with pirayas, maneater plants and alot more. You can kick the enemy to a endless hole on the ground, to water, to maneater, off from the cliff, there are many possibilities! And secondly, in my opinion, this game is freaking funny. Yes, i know, how can game where bloody body parts are flying all over the place, be funny? The story. Even it's pretty dark and full of lies, it has got it's funny parts. I have laughed many, many times while playing this game.


One of the most important things to mention is the leash. There is not much to tell about it and i don't want to spoil everything from it so, i'll tell the best parts.. That actually contains almost everything from it. You can use it to pull enemies ( Or in some cases maybe only their heads ) towards you. You can use the leash to pull some stuff from environment towards you, like oil barrels. You can also leash guns that you cant reach, enemies and hot dog carts. You can also upgrade it. The upgrade contains really useful weapon, when you are facing a huge horde of enemies. Thumper. When you use this upgrade, it will send enemies in the air and leaving them floating up there for a while. When they are floating, you can focus on other enemies, or to create a trap under them etc. etc.

I really dont want to spoil all the fun what you can have from the leash so i'll stop spoiling from it.. Now.


The game tells a story of dumb commander, who wants his revenge, and his actions, that lead his ship to massive defeat. The story tells a exciting, gorgeus, really funny almost even a fabulous story of two buddies, who are facing a unknown planet and only thing they can trust, is power.
They will have to face many psychos, liers, betraitors, bullets, dead bodies and chaos.

Prepare for story that's bloody, exciting, fabulous, funny and full of action.


I can't say much about this. It's actually pretty fun, and same time pretty boring. The game has only one multiplayer mode, that's called anarchy. You will face different waves of enemies, with three other players, and you can buy weaponry while the wave is changing, or you can upgrade your weapons / leash. You can also enchance your own attributes like speed, damage and durability. You'll have to get some amount of points to complete a wave. You'll level up and only thing you will get is new wear. And skins.

So if you want a great singleplayer game, with funny multiplayer with friends, buy this one. Really, buy it.

If you want a great multiplayer, but not singleplayer, DON'T buy this one.

P.S. I love it.

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  1. good review!
    ive had this game since it came out :D
    yay ps3 with cfw

  2. Thanks for the review! It seems like an interesting game but not for me...

  3. This game is awesome!!!
    Allthough the ending was not as awesome as the rest the game is extremely solid. Loooooove the drill gun :D