sunnuntai 13. maaliskuuta 2011

What do you think of Black Ops DLC?

Hello everyone~!

Do you have Black Ops DLC? Have you bought Black Ops DLC? When will you buy First Strike?

[ This is what i think about it, so if you don't want to read text where i whine about the price, please don't. :) ]

These are the questions i hear almost every day. I keep answering that i dont have the DLC, and i dont know when i'm going to buy it. Still, they keep inviting me to games that contains maps from DLC, like zombie mod, Ascension. I would surely buy it, if they would lower the price, to 10 €. (13.82 $) I know this is much asked but, yeah. I would love to play Berlin Wall, Ascension etc. but eh, the price? 15 €. Oh c'moon! :(

This is just my opinion, and i think i will buy it someday, even they wouldn't lower the price at all. I know making maps ain't free but.. They've already lowered the price with 0.50€

Black Ops DLC, First Strike

Contains four multiplayer maps and one Zombie mod map;

-Berlin Wall






What do you think of it?
Do you like it?
Should i buy it?

Please post your opinion! :)

9 kommenttia:

  1. it is way too overpriced. I did not buy it

  2. Definitely too much. The multiplayer maps were okay nothing great though.
    Ascension is cool if you like zombies, but it gets old fast.

  3. don't get it, everone still plays the old maps anyway

  4. meh i dont like blackops i think its the worst cod ever
    i stick with bad company2

  5. Definitely a great game. Followed!

  6. Black ops isn't good enough for DLC unfortunately. It's fun, for 30 minutes. Then it's boring; Kinda like the zombies mode. It's fun, then it's boring.

    You could compare it to chewing gum: SO FLAVOURSOME AND DELICIOUS I COULD CHEW THIS FOREVER!
    Until shortly after it tastes like cardboard.

    It's sad because I used to love cod :(

  7. meh, i hate when companies charge for DLC like it were a whole new game, specially when you already payed for the game